Web Design & Development for Friedlander Group

The Friedlander Group is a leader in Workers' Compensation for Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Hotels and Motels in New York.

Olympus Insurance

The company manages four Safety Groups underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund, 199 Church Street, New York, NY 10007, and have been successful in slashing Workers' Compensation by more than 60% off manual rates, saving clients more than $150 million in workers compensation costs since 1992.

One of the main objectives for their website was to communicate the benefits of their program to both brokers and corporate clients. The site includes details of the coverages, dividend histories, testimonials and other relevant information to help new brokers and clients understand the offerings. Friedlander uses Content Manager™ to keep information current, and to add to their extensive list of testimonials from satisfied brokers and clients.

In addition, the site includes features to support the needs of extisting accounts including applications, information and forms for handling claims, and fraud solutions.

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