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The Computer Studio was formed in 1986 with a single charter -- to help our clients succeed in their business development efforts.

In those days, the weapon of choice was targeted direct response programs using direct mail and trade publication advertising, with leads captured in a marketing database. Today, the world has changed, but not entirely. For the most part, leads are generated and captured on-line, with the use of traditional media declining. The marketing database is still the preferred destination for leadflow, but it has evolved into SalesPro, our cloud based sales and marketing system.

The focus of our activity has move on-line, to the corporate website, optimized landing pages for lead generation, outbound e-mail, pay-per-click, search and other modern marketing tools. However, the one part that has never changed, and hopefully never will, is our focus on helping our clients to succeed in the marketplace and achieve planned growth in their customer base, revenue and profitability.

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