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Build a Great Website

Start with a purpose

If you set out on a trip and you don't know exactly where you're heading, you probably won't get there.

The same is true with a website. If you haven't set clear objectives, it will be really hard for your web developer to help you reach your goals. If it's your corporate website, you may actually have more than one goal, such as supporting your new business process, serving the needs of current customers and rounding out your accounts. Each objective must be stated in precise terms, if you hope to create a site that supports that goal.

Create meaningful content that supports your goals

Your clients pay you to be their insurance expert. You don't need to burden them with the details that they pay you to understand. Rather, tell them what they need to know as an insured.

Whether they are consumers buying personal lines coverages or risk management professionals in a corporate account, provide the most important facts they should be aware of as insurance buyers. For existing customers, you might also provide information on how to minimize risk and what to do in the event of a claim, including carrier claim numbers.

Make it easy to find what they need

One of the most important tasks in designing a great site is organizing the content so visitors can instantly find what they are looking for.

Provide a clear call to action...everywhere

Once the urge hits, you don't want it to dissipate. At a minimum, provide a prominent phone number, and a short formlet asking only for the basics, such as name, phone, email and a place to write a message. Anything further can kill your response rate.

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