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Provide a clear call to action...everywhere

Once the urge hits, you don’t want it to dissipate. At a minimum, provide a prominent phone number and a short formlet requesting only the basics: name, phone, email and a place to write a message. Adding additional fields will almost always kill your response rate.

Don’t lose your leads

Leads submitted through a formlet on your website can be routed to you via e-mail. However, if you are expecting a significant lead flow, it may be better to have leads also submit to a sales automation/CRM system such as SalesPro, so that they never get lost in the shuffle, and you have a permanent record of the call.

Learn what works

One of the great advantages that many marketing programs offer is consistency. That means that, with a limited investment, you can test several programs. Then, before committing additional funds, you will have hard evidence to indicate the results that you can expect from a future investment. Tracking leads back to their source is the only way this can be accomplished.

If leads submitted through your website are routed to a sales automation/CRM system, the system will generally provide tracking to determine what works. However, leads for local businesses often arrive via telephone, and this can be harder to track. Fortunately, newer technology makes it possible to display a different telephone number based on the source of the lead, with calls then rerouted to your regular phone. Tracking reports will then identify the source of each call.

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