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Website Products

The Computer Studio provides website products suitable for the needs of any firm, from smaller local agencies to mid-sized and larger organizations, including retail agencies, wholesalers, GA’s and others.

QuickStart Edition

The QuickStart Edition is a semi-custom website offering a professionally designed site at a cost that almost any agency can afford.

A QuickStart site starts with your choice of styles, and then it is individually developed to meet the specific needs of your business. It requires far less lead time than a conventional site, and it makes it much easier for you to visualize what your site will look like before it is developed.

At a cost of $1,995, you will have a complete, professionally developed 6 page site, including Content Manager (see below), optimized for your business.

Corporate Edition

The Corporate Edition fully custom website is ideal for larger agencies, and those requiring a highly customized appearance.

Enterprise Edition

A database driven site that allows you to create pages on the fly, and organize them to achieve maximum impact. Ideal for larger agencies and insurance wholesalers with a wide range of products.

Content Manager

Visitors generally keep returning to your website for one reason only -- if they expect to find new information there. Content Manager empowers your staff to publish and update content on your website on demand, without any knowledge of web programming.

Content Manager is included in every website that we develop.

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